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Erin Johnson

Erin grew up in Fairlawn and is now living in Fairlawn again with her husband and two daughters. She is a proud Ohioan and is passionate about connecting with and helping people. Erin takes the time to educate her clients on the process so they know what to expect. She loves assisting others with buying and selling houses and living their best lives in the outstanding state of Ohio. 

In 2022, Erin assisted 13 clients with closing 18 transactions totaling $4,387,300. She works with buyers and sellers throughout Northeast Ohio with a specialty in the Copley/Fairlawn/Bath area. Erin has worked with several clients who have moved to Northeast Ohio from out of town/state/country and has developed a process for helping clients through the process of buying remotely.

Erin also runs a local Facebook group called Outstanding Ohio where she highlights the people, places and things that make Ohio great. In addition, the group provides tips from local experts to help make your life easier. Join the group today to connect with other Outstanding Ohioans!

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